Lacey mittens for the autumn

When naming my patterns I have severe creative block. I need a formula; a method; a pattern behind the patterns. So, in the interest of my white-on-white theme of creamy sweeties, clear glass and general milkiness, I am naming them after shades of white paint. There is no limit to the whimsical alternatives to Magnolia that these people can dream up. You rock, paint guys.

Barley Twist is a really simple mitten pattern which can carry off both a textured stitch and a colourful yarn. Here in London the weather’s getting nippy; not quite cold enough to crack out the chunky gloves or even a proper scarf, but I’m less than warm and I’m not too proud to admit it. So these are my transition mittens to get me through the next few weeks, until I don’t see daylight except through the office window and I have to move onto to something a bit more hardcore.

I have knitted this in two different variations of Noro’s Silk Garden yarn. The ‘Lite’ version I believe is from their summer range, I used it from my stash when the weather got colder, but at this time of year I can’t seem to find any! Instead I discovered a heavier version of the yarn, which doesn’t go quite so far but makes for a lovely, chunkier, properly autumnal mitt. It takes a little over 1 ball to complete the pair this way, but would be a great use for the remnants of a bigger project.

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