Christmas spirit ;)

Festivities are upon us! Sort of.

Well, for knitters they are, we need a bit of preparation time. I hope you’re all well into your holiday projects by now, fair isle reindeer jumpers don’t just knit themselves you know. And I hope you have time to squeeze a few little tree ornaments into your hectic advent schedule! These guys are super cute and dead quick to knit up. I’ve posted the snowman first because he’s the simplest and this pattern forms the basic body shape for the others. Over the next few weeks I’ll add in the patterns for Santa, reindeer, angel, robin and elf. They use 5 colours of DK yarn and out of these 5 50g balls you can make 2 full sets of decorations with plenty of change. Or from just one ball of white you could do a whole army of snowmen and just use stash oddments for the scarves and details :)

Materials list for the set:

5x 50g balls of DK yarn in brown, white, black, red and green.

Cord or ribbon for the ties (approx. 25cm per decoration)

Polyester toy stuffing (a250g bag will be plenty)

2 bells

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