The best made plans of mice and men, and knitters apparently, often go awry.  I wanted to have the elf published on Tuesday; but it’s Friday evening and I’ve just put him up. But I’ve been busy, really I have! I’ve moved house for a start, to a place with no internet access, and I’ve been working late with deadlines looming.

I’ll stop just short of telling you I couldn’t publish the pattern because the dog ate it, and I’ll move on…

The elf is the second christmas decoration pattern. Based on the same body shape as the snowman, the elf has a short-rowed hat with bell and belt section in reverse stocking stitch. One thing I will say about him is that the green does blend a little into the foliage of the tree. I like his subtle attitude, but would reccomend trying one with a red hat to make him stand out more. I’m tempted to knit him a little friend with the colours reversed :)

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