On why little double-knit antlers were briefly the bain of my life…

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to knit convincing antlers?! To get any significant shaping or detail they have to be far too big for the poor little reindeer, who just looked burdened by the whole thing and therefore none too festive. I settled on the minimal antlers, I belive they were version 5 of 7. If you’re of the opnion that they’re just too simple perhaps you could try adding a little piece of wire inside so that you can bend them into more antler-y shapes. Or by all means invent some awesome different ones and send some pictures along to me! I’d be intrigued by new ideas :)

The reindeer pattern is now attached, forming part 3 of the White Christmas series. Half done is just begun! (Which, if I remember rightly, is a sage piece of wisdom bestowed upon us by Mary Poppins herself)

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