And lo…

… the angel appeared unto them.

And about time too, completing the set of Christmas tree decorations. For the angel there is no seam between the skirt and the body, both pieces are knitted separately up ot the waist and the stitches from each are then knitted simultaneously to continue on up to the head. The necklace and wings could easily be left off and replaced with a scarf from one of the charaters to make a child (with or without skirt). Would be cute in pink for a ballerina :)

3 more sleeps ’till Christmas and I’m still at work, as I’m sure many of you are too. I’ll be flogging the dead horse that is my day job until Friday afternoon, when I will be released onto Oxford Street a free woman for the following 4 days! So long as I can make it though the throngs of frenzied, panicing, last-minute shoppers alive I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful weekend :) (Not least because I haven’t eaten meat in 10 weeks now and I plan to fall off the wagon with great enthusiasm)

Seasons’ greetings everyone, and best wishes for the new year.

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