Tallow, a loose wrap cover for a Moleskine diary

I love a new diary. I relish filling all the info and convince myself every time that I can colour code my life and keep the whole thing neat and beautiful. I managed one week before I was scribbling in whatever writing implement came to hand and sticking post-it notes all over the show. Moleskine is an addiction, this is my 3rd year of this notebook style diary. I wanted the black one, but the black one is soft cover; the red one is a hard cover, but it’s red. So I covered the red-ness with knitting and now I’m a happy camper. Grey I like :)

I bought this yarn from a remnants bin. It was a pound :) Any 4 ply sock yarn which knits to this tension would  be fine, and it’s a cute way to use up yarn which wouldn’t stretch far enough for a pair of socks.

I apologise for the tecnical problem with the lace chart. I can’t get it to fit all the way across in one table, it keeps cutting the last ten columns off. I’ve done a small survey and 2 out of 2 people agreed that this was readable. If you feel it isn’t please email me at milkbottleknits@gmail.com and I’ll send it to you as an excel file. Promise.

(PS. new camera is AWESOME.)

One thought on “Tallow, a loose wrap cover for a Moleskine diary

  1. That’s really cute! Although I have to say I can’t understand why you’d want to hide the red :)

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