‘Bone’ clutch bag using pre-beaded silk yarn.

I did have some trouble putting this together, which I probably shouldn’t admit to given that I earn a living by my pattern cutting and sewing skills. But the frame was a tricky little so-and-so and I can’t say I’m 100% pleased with the results. On previous projects, like the Elephants’ Breath mini-purses, I’ve had frames which just require gluing in, and although I have my concerns about the durability of that at least the finish looks absolutely perfect. But this particular hinged clasp, the only one I could find of the ideal size, has holes punched for sewing on.  I will admit from the start that this method isn’t for the messy stitcher! Just sewing the lining to the frame took the entire duration of Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (bless my friends for not moaning about me keeping the spotlight on, I don’t think they’d expected our night of nostalgic cinema to be floodlit). Infact, my advice to you all is this: if you’ve done little or no sewing before have a little look around for frames before you start, and if the size you want looks too tricky omit the lining. Or even better, find someone who can give you a hand when you get to the construction part and learn something new :)

One other thing, this yarn is lovely and super-pretty, but be careful not to hold the yarn with too much tension as you knit: the beaded thread and the yarn will stretch at different rates and after a while you’ll end up in a tangle with excess beaded thread hanging around. I know I did.

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