Cloud baby cardigan

This one skein pattern cuts it a bit fine! I did knit the whole thing from a 100g skein, but I had to sew some of the seams with normal thread because I just couldn’t stretch the yarn any further… I could’ve just not mentioned that, but the guilt would’ve haunted me. The stitch pattern is the main culprit, it does increase the consumption, but makes for a much more interesting texture on an otherwise very plain little cardi. (And considering it’s really only 2 rows of garter stitch alternating with 2 rows of 1:1 rib it looks a whole lot more complicated than it really is, so it’s totally worth it.)

This will make a lovely gift, I’ll be doing a couple of them for expectant friends over coming months. As soon as one of them produces said offspring I’ll try to have the cardigan modelled, but for now the utmost I could possibly do is try to squeeze the cat into it and she doesn’t like me much at the best of times. There is no grading included because this is intended for gift-giving purposes and therefore I only need new-born size! But it’s a very simple shape and I encourage you to buy 2 skeins instead and try increasing all the values to make it to fit an older baby.

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