The long-term project.

This is my granny square blanket, est. 2006.

6 years in and I’m halfway through :)

But that’s no bad thing. It wasn’t meant to be some flash in the pan idea to keep me busy on a rainy Sunday. In actual fact I was going to Australia to see a friend and was travelling alone; I needed a project to take which I could work on in a confined space when my brain wasn’t at it’s sharpest. I bought 1 ball of each a few different yarns and just went for it. Each square is different and as time has gone by I’ve picked  up more yarns, always just one-offs in the same muted colour palette. It’s growing slowly! I think 15 squares by 10 would be nice, should be the right sort of size for throwing over the back of a sofa to snuggle up in if it gets a bit nippy.

work in progress
sewn up so far, plus extra completed squares

mixed mag of yarns

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