Hello again

I fancy a fresh start and a new verbal outlet, perhaps it’s the onslaught of ‘back to school’ paraphernalia. So after a long hiatus I’m re-launching this blog; not as a just platform for patterns this time but as a general journal on life and crafts.


And I’ve high hopes in other areas too – I’m trying to scrape together some things to make an Etsy shop. The theory being that whenever I make a gift, or anything at all really, I’ll make extras in one big batch and see if I can shift a few. If nothing else I’ll learn whether or not my friends are just being nice when they say ‘ohh, that’s so cute, you should sell those – I’d buy one!’. I suspect they are just polite.


Other ways in which I’m utilising The Interweb at the present time include Instagram and Pintrest. Find me on both and follow me!


Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Hello again

  1. Luv you lots. Keep this going. Luv the little booties but unfortunately a little too small for me. Hope to see you soon, if not here maybe SL?

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