I have been to the Kensington Olympia, to an ethical fabrics trade fair which I’d signed up for a few weeks back in the professional capacity of my day job. I’d taken the morning out of the office. I’d put the autoreply on my emails. I even had my best notebook, which somewhat undermines my professional capacity by having a patchwork cover that my mum made, but nonetheless…

I was heavily disappointed. The sustainability contingent was one stand. I’d picked up a coffee, crossed town and was sat at my desk by 10.30. Bummer.

As nice as it was to meet the good people of the Future Fabrics Expo and have a grope of their fabric samples, I can’t say I got a lot out of it. But all that extra journey time meant that I did get on with some crochet and I’m closer to getting a couple of variations on Tulip’s baby shoes finished up and ready to sell. Shoeboxes are in the pipeline too – in recycled brown board (hopefully) like a real shoebox.


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