Royal School of Needlework wishlist

Dear Santa,

It’s only October 2nd, but there is a Christmas tree in my office today and I definitely heard Mariah’s dulcet tones earlier on, so I figure the deluge has started.

I would REALLY like to go the RSN again next year because it was so fricking awesome last time around, and seeing as there’s no way I can afford to do the certificate any time soon (I have done the maths, it did not look good) this would be a very welcome compromise.

In order of preference, I fancy:

1. Progressing with Jacobean Crewelwork. (Could maybe progress from Bird to Tree, or even Lion.)

2. Goldwork Squirrel. (Who wouldn’t want a gold squirrel?)

3. Beginners Silk Shading series. (Because once I’ve learnt to flowers I can ditch that and do rude things instead!)

Or all of them would be fine too.

Thank you muchly,



PS. I have finished the bird now and will take a better photo when it’s mounted etc, but even the WIP shots make me happy :)


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