Alexandra Palace: Knitting and Stitching

My favourite time of the year! Fuck Christmas.

Yesterday was for shopping, with my mum and her friend Jane. Was relatively well behaved on the finances, although I did have a few treats :) And got a couple of Christmas presents, including Latvian mittens that mum picked out, which she may get finished or still in kit form depending on my time management. Picked up some little skeins of wool for crewel embroidery, want to have a go at portraits of some kind, or something a bit random. Will be fun to play :)

And today I’ve been in the Upcycling Academy with the Craftivists. We’re collecting signatures on a giant embroidered petition, together with War on Want (look them up here) the campaign is raising awareness about sweatshop labour under the slogan Love Fashion Hate Sweatshops. I’ve met such brilliant people today! Sarah Corbett runs a brilliant collective here, doing some witty and inspiring work, so I’ll be happy as a clam back there tomorrow!

I signed my name, of course! But with time on my hands I think I might have gone overboard on the embellishing.



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