Pink Hair, Red Knickers embroidery


I’m pleased with how this turned out :) I traced out the basics of a photo onto graph paper and added the block colour. I started out following it literally as a chart in a normal scale cross stitch, but it just looked terrible, far too tiny. So I started over, with bigger crosses and following the chart as a guideline. Left the pants until last, that was a bit of rookie error, didn’t have a clue how to stitch them. Ended up with half size crosses, which were a right pain but I’m pleased with the effect. It’s not easy to stitch on top of a regular cross though, as and when I start the next one I’ll try to leave a space. I’m also a little disappointed with the hands, the mitten hand leaves a lot to the imagination and the other side has a very lumpy finger – will crack it next time.

So I want to take this and make prints, although I’m not really sure how to go about that. Scanning it was not a sucess. Maybe the best way is to take a photo and retouch it in photoshop if needs be? I’d also like to do others in the same style but various colourways, I have the same fabric in blue and mint so they’d be a nice starting point. Just need to look through some more pictures of scantily clad girls. Tough life.

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