More Christmas present progress

This is the mitten kit that my mum picked out at Ally Pally – ‘Knit Like a Latvian’, apparently. We kind of agreed that she wouldn’t mind receiving it in kit or mitten form when it came to the crunch, but to be honest I don’t think the knitting part of this would be her cup of tea. That having been said, I don’t think it’s my cup of tea either.
Fuck me, it’s slow!! The Latvians of yore must’ve been short on other forms of entertainment.
It is growing though. And, thanks to a signal failure in the Finsbury Park area that delayed my train by like 40 minutes this morning, I’m even further along than the photo now. Sometimes it’s fun, and I am kinda proud of myself because I’ve never done any fair isle before, but I’m struggling to be ok with the less-than-perfect tension and stitch size which I’m guessing is actually part of the charm. My mum’ll like it, but frankly I could make her a coil-pot ashtray like I did when I was four (she doesn’t smoke) and she’d like that too – she’s a good mum, all artwork makes it to the fridge door.
So this is mitten one, unfinished at 21 days before The Event. Thank god her birthday is in January and she’ll probably be ok with not getting the second one until then!


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