Tiny shed scissor keeper

Amy’s christmas present is done and given. I’ve been dying to put progress photos of this on Instagram, but then the festive surprise would’ve been somewhat spoilt.

But here you have it, retrospectively step by step. This was a Sue Hawkins kit that I bought at the Ally Pally knitting and stitching show this year. At several points I thought that I’d made the wrong move picking this and it was weird and pretty dull, but actually I loved the little guy in the end :) The colours are quite dark and as a result the backstiching isn’t as clear as I’d have liked, but in general it was a nice kit with clear instructions.

tiny shed scissor keeper flat
tiny shed scissor keeper in progress
tiny shed scissor keeper finished

I did have to buy extra thread for sewing up, whether that was because there wasn’t enough in the kit or because I’d used the wrong colour I’m not sure! But I popped accross to John Lewis on Oxford Street and I have to say I wound I really pissed at them; the lighting in there is so misleading, I left with totally the wrong colour. And I’m not much of a complaining customer, I’ll put up with almost anything, but this really irked me! The selling of that whole department is based on the selection of colour, I’m sure it doesn’t take the brains of Britain to realise they could do with natural light! I emailed them, I got a very general response, and I’m left feeling like a marginalised crafter whose work is no more important than a child making a sock monkey. Less so infact, seeing as the kids shit is next to the bloody light well. Screw you John Lewis, SCREW YOU!

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