Now on Etsy! :D

I’ve achieved my New Years’ resolution and taken my biz to Etsy. Have made a shop and put 3 pairs of baby shoes up there. It’s a bit of a learning curve, I don’t even think I expect to sell them but at least it’s a start! They are super cute, and make lovely presents, but’s so hard to decide on a reasonable price for things. Nonetheless, they’re up there, £20 a pair, and we’ll see what happens!

Take a look.





Soon I’d like to put some cushions on too. I’ve been salvaging cut up samples from work to recycle into knitted cushion covers, which are looking pretty nice! Although some do need buttons put on to stop them opening up.

Might end up being a very random shop, I guess that should be a concern too, but I’m kinda interested to just put a whole heap of different things out there and see what floats. I don’t suppose I can retire on the proceeds of my crafting prowess, but it’s worth a bash.

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