Podcast recommendations

The sound on my work computer has become inexplicably scrambled. Even the people way more computer literate than me can’t fix it, so obviously I should stop trying. As a direct result I have rediscovered my iPod and filled it with podcasts! It’s tremendous fun, give these a go…


Nerdist – Tegan and Sara are adorable, I’m doing nothing to break down lesbian stereotypes here. And Mike Mignola is a good’un too if you’re into Hellboy and friends.

The Joy of 6 – like 6music but with less… er… music.

Desert Island Disks – Get the Russel Brand one. Think I’m a bit of a fan. Totally get why he could be a sex addict, must get a lot of offers.

Monocle 24: Cuture and Weekly – bit serious, this one. Lots of stuff that interested me, but lots of other stuff that went waaaay over my head.


And I still have Freakonomics, multiple TED Talks, and a Women’s Hour involving Mary Portas left. My life is such a whirlwind of glamour and excitement.

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