Tattooed unicorn and jacobean crewelwork day 3

Made some more progress in the third day of the certificate course at the RSN. Learnt two new stitches – heavy chain…

heavy chain embroidery stitch


(unfortunately hard to see in the dark colour!)

and raised stem band…

raised stem band embroidery stitch


raised stem band crewel embroidery

So currently the Tree of Life is up to this stage…

RSN jacobean crewelwork tree of life - day 3

Still a very long way to go! And a long list of homework to tackle before next month.


And in the mean time I have been practicing my embroidery skills on the unicorn I crocheted recently. I think he looks good for it! The back stitch I started out using turned out to be far too thin, I needed the stronger stem stitch to make a decent line. Would also like to make him a little shirt with rolled up sleeves.

If you’re interested in making your own, I used the Toft Alpaca pattern for the zebra, from Edwards Menagerie, and then added my own style of horn and mane. Their pattern base is great and very versatile – really easy to personalise into pretty much any creature you like.

embroidered tattoo unicorn - left embroidered tattooed unicorn - front embroidery tattooed unicorn - right

I feel like you don’t see enough masculine unicorns. Maybe that’s where they went wrong.

One thought on “Tattooed unicorn and jacobean crewelwork day 3

  1. Hi! Stumbled across your unicorn and absolutely love it. Congrats, you’re extremely talented and creative. Not sure I get what you mean at the end of your article though: how are tattoos “masculine”? In this time and age? This from an untattooed female btw in case it’s relevant :) Anyway, great work, thanks for sharing.

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