Visit Boston and New York! (Also getting back to the wedding dress)

I’m finding life a bit hard to get back into after the trip I took last month. I’m struggling to pick up where I left off in all of my projects, including this blog. So I’m gonna make this post a quick-fire round: two weeks in 50 words or less… ish.


Boston. Shiny financial district. More matte university.



Lack of bars.

IMG_6248Good aquarium!

Rockport. Foggy.IMG_6257

Then less foggy.


Generally adorable.

Provincetown. Gay.


No lack of bars!


Providence / New Haven: Graduates. EVERYWHERE.


Hudson Valley: unexpectedly pretty.


New York: famously not shit!

Wore new holiday dress.


Saw Manus x Machina.


Also saw plenty of my favourite face :)



BOOM! Whole vacation, in chronological order.

And I’m back in the game.


(I’ve even got the ball rolling again on Paula’s wedding dress, but more on that when I’ve made more progress. To read about the previous stages click here, here and here.


Second fitting is in a week and half, time to get shit done.)


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