Knitted Bowl


Yarn: banana fibre yarn1, 1x 100g skein (makes two)

Tension: 16sts x 24rows over 10cm square

Needles: one pair 4mm

Abbreviations: yo – yarn over (to make new stitch)

yob – yarn over backwards

Cast on 24sts

Work 4 rows in st-st

*r5: k23, turn

r6: yob, p21, turn

r7: yo, k to paired sts from end of last row (last st and yo), turn

r8; yob, p to paired sts, turn

Repeat rows 7 and 8 until 10 ‘unpaired’ sts remain, do not turn


r1 (end of previous row): p1, correct mount of yo, p2 tog, turn

r2: yo, k to paired sts, k1, correct mount of yo, k2tog, turn

r3: yo, p to paired sts, p1, correct mount of yo, p2tog, turn

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until all 24 original sts are in play *

Repeat from * to * to complete base and form second side

Work 4 rows st-st

Cast off

Making up:

Sew up the short seam between the edges of the initial and ultimate st-st sections.

1 * from Prick You Finger, Bethnal Green,

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