Knitting Needle Wrap

Needle roll:

Materials:  Eco-Annie*, 100g

Ribbons, 2m in total**

Tension:  20sts x 25rows over 10cm in stitch pattern

(Please note – using a different yarn, stitch or tension will result in a different size piece of work. Please take care when following instructions cutting ribbon lengths if you have altered these details for your own project!)

Suggested needles:  4.5mm

Abbreviations: sl1:  slip stitch from left to right needle without knitting.

Main panel:

Cast on 101sts.

r1:            sl1, (k3, p3) 16 times, k4.

r2:            sl1, (p3, k3) 16 times, p4.

Repeat rows 1 and 2.

r5:            sl1, (p3, k3) 16 times, p4.

r6:            sl1, (k3, p3) 16 times, k4.

Repeat rows 5 and 6.

These 8 rows form the stitch pattern, repeat 9 times. Repeat rows 1-3 and cast off.


Sew in yarn ends. Cut 40cm (width +5cm) of ribbon for the bottom of the roll and pin to the knitted piece with the center of the ribbon 40cm from the top edge. The raw ends of the ribbon will wrap over the sides of the knit by 2.5cm each side. Stitch down with a running stitch. Fold and use yarn to stitch vertical lines between the edge of the ribbon and the top of the double layer. Cut 1.5m of ribbon and stitch one end to right edge of the roll.

*environmentally friendly yarn, produced by Annie Sherburne, 50% recycled London textiles 50% pure new wool. n

** sample shown uses vintage ribbons from The Cloth House, London.

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