Tiny Silk Purse

Mini Purse:


Materials: hand spun silk by Maggie Stearn, 5g approx.

One hinged purse closure, 5cm long *

Uhu glue

Tension: 20sts x 26rows over 10cm in stocking stitch.

Suggested needles: 4mm


Cast on 25sts

Work in stocking stitch (knit one row, purl one row) until all yarn has been used, be sure to leave enough to cast off.

Make up:

  1. Fold in half.
  2. Stitch up the sides of the purse which won’t be inside the frame.
  3. Gather the top edges to the length of the top of the frame.
  4. Line the frame with glue and firmly insert the knitting. **

* Sample uses mini coin frame from Kleins in London’s Soho (www.kleins.co.uk)

** Some frames work differently to this, when purchasing yours be sure to check what the staff in your haberdashery recommend.

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