White Christmas: angel


Materials; Cygnet Superwash pure merino DK in green, white and brown, plus an oddment of black for the eyes*

Polyester toy stuffing

Gold elastic cord (1m) for tie and necklace **

Tension; 26sts x 32rows over 10cm in stocking stitch

Needles; 3.75mm, one pair plus a spare

Finished size; approx. 10cm high x 9cm wide


Cast on 5 in white.

r1: inc in all sts (10)

r2: inc in all sts (20)

r3: k2, inc, *k4, inc* x3, k2 (24)

r4 and all even rows: p

r5: k2, inc, *k5, inc* x3, k3 (28)

r7: k2, inc, *k6, inc* x3, k4 (32)

r9: k2, inc, *k7, inc* x3, k5 (36)

r11: k

Keep stitches on this needle.


Using spare 3.75mm needle and green yarn cast on 71sts.

r1: k

r2: p

r3: k1, *k2tog, k8* x7 (64)

r5: k1, *k2tog, k7* x7 (57)

r7: k1, *k2tog, k6* x7 (50)

r9: k1, *k2tog, k5* x7 (43)

r11: k1, *k2tog, k4* x7 (36)

p next row.


Take both the needle with the white body section and the needle with the green skirt in your left hand, the green skirt in front of the white, and rejoin green yarn. With the right sides of both pieces facing you knit into the front of one stitch from each needle simultaneously.

Complete 5 more rows st-st.


r21: k2, k2tog, *k5, k2tog* x4, k4 (31)

r22: p

r23: k2, k2tog, *k4, k2tog* x4, k3 (26)

r24: p

r25: k2, k2tog, *k3, k2tog* x4, k2 (21)

r26: p

r27: k4 brown, k13 white, k4 brown.

r28: p5 brown, p11 white, p5 brown.

r29: k6 brown, k9 white, k6 brown.

r30: p7 brown, p7 white, p7 brown.

r31: k8 brown, k5 white, k8 brown.

r32: p all brown.

r33: k2, k2tog, *k2, k2tog* x4, k1 (16)

r34: p

r35: k2, k2tog, *k2, k2tog* x4 (11)

r36: k2tog x4, k3tog

cut yarn and thread through 5 sts to tie off.


Cast on 5sts in white.

r1: k1, p1, k1, p1, k1

r2: k1, p3, k1

These 2 rows establish a moss stitch section to either side of a single central stitch. Continue increasing either side of this central stitch as follows:

r3: moss 2sts, make 1 (pick up the loop between stitches), k1, make 1, moss 2.

r4: moss 3sts, p1, moss 3

r5: moss 3, make 1, k1, make 1, moss 3

r6: moss 4, p1, moss 4

Repeat this pattern, increasing in the same way, to a total of 12 rows.

r13: (k2tog) x8, k1, (k2tog) x8

r14: Cast off p-wise

Making up:

Add french knots for the eyes in black yarn. Place these 4sts apart, in the upper half of the white face area.

Stitch up at centre back leaving a small gap, stuff, finish stitching.

Attach wings to the centre of the angels’ back, above the waist of her skirt.

Cut 3 lengths of gold cord for her necklace. Use a crochet hook to pull the ends of the cord well inside of the body, the stuffing should keep it secure but you may like to knot it first for safety.

*available at John Lewis, Oxford Street, London. Please note that any DK yarn would be suitable.

** sample uses cord from Kleins in London’s Soho (www.kleins.co.uk).

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