Christmas present progress

My lovely friend Lauren has been a big fan of the embroideries I’ve been doing lately, and she’s requested one of her own for Christmas. So this weekend I got the fear and figured I should get a shift on with that.
So here’s the work so far. I’m quite pleased, although I wish I’d done it on a more tightly woven fabric because this is getting quite distorted and I’m a bit worried about trying to steam it flat! Her face is nice though, and the hands are less terrible than they could be. I’m sewing this in Appletons crewel wools, which I think I enjoy more than the usual embroidery floss, and trying to get tones in without any background shading. Fingers crossed she’ll end up as a nice piece.


Pink Hair, Red Knickers embroidery


I’m pleased with how this turned out :) I traced out the basics of a photo onto graph paper and added the block colour. I started out following it literally as a chart in a normal scale cross stitch, but it just looked terrible, far too tiny. So I started over, with bigger crosses and following the chart as a guideline. Left the pants until last, that was a bit of rookie error, didn’t have a clue how to stitch them. Ended up with half size crosses, which were a right pain but I’m pleased with the effect. It’s not easy to stitch on top of a regular cross though, as and when I start the next one I’ll try to leave a space. I’m also a little disappointed with the hands, the mitten hand leaves a lot to the imagination and the other side has a very lumpy finger – will crack it next time.

So I want to take this and make prints, although I’m not really sure how to go about that. Scanning it was not a sucess. Maybe the best way is to take a photo and retouch it in photoshop if needs be? I’d also like to do others in the same style but various colourways, I have the same fabric in blue and mint so they’d be a nice starting point. Just need to look through some more pictures of scantily clad girls. Tough life.

Liberty print cushion cover

For months I’ve been groping this half metre of Liberty cotton. I love it, and true love waits… For an idea that is, and with my cushion obsession in full flow there was no fighting it. I came across some matt white grossgrain at which which there was plenty of and no-one would miss :) so I wanted to try my hand at piping. I’m pretty chuffed with the results, to be honest!

Considering this only cost £11 for the fabric and £1.60 for the piping cord I think it looks really swanky. There’s certainly no way my flat would have any liberty designed soft-furnishings in it if it wasn’t for my little bit of domestic sewing. Bit of advice for you kids – if you’re gonna go to uni at least learn a skill which will make living with student debt a bit easier!


Done and framed :D

I finished the sampler!! Hooray!

Deadline was missed slightly, given that I visited the home in question for the first time on Saturday. Luckily the recipient is a close friend, who I went to uni with, dropped out of post-grad with, and now work with. I’m sure I’ve had more unreliable moments than being two days late with a gift, but much to my delight she continues to put up with me :)

Home Sweet Home sampler

A mini sampler for a house warming gift.

Sort of making this up as I go along, I have several embroidery patterns for samplers so I’m just choosing stitches as I get to them.

Finished article will be square with the text in the centre. Already have a plain white Ikea frame for it.