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Apparently, posting the above bumf will initiate me into the cheery world of Bloglovin! Which is basically a blog reader with loads and loads of great content. I’m discovering new stuff, so maybe some new people can discover my stuff too :)

Things that I’ve done this week

In reverse order:

This morning I made biscuits. From the Mary Berry Baking Bible. They’re ok, but arguably not worth the effort. Decided not to bother icing them and dipped them in my coffee instead.

Yesterday I did a little more of the Latvian mittens for my mums’ Christmas present. I’m hating the fair isle slightly less. It’s growing, and that’s satisfying, but still the pattern and the yarn are not up to much. And I keep forgetting that I’m going to have to face two of the damn things.

Friday I listened to the first Grayson Perry Leith lecture on radio 4. It’s terribly funny, and charming and insightful and generally a lovely experience. Everyone involved in making and having their work critiqued by others, even in the most non-professional sense, should have a listen. The linguistic analysis of art boffins had me pissing myself, if I had a pound for every time I’d heard someone use the ‘word’ visuality or experienceability I could stop going to work entirely.

Tuesday I drew another Christmas pin-up girl. I’m quite pleased with the overall look, but her face is a little shaky. I tried to photocopy them down to a smaller size but the black ink in my printer seems to have dried out. Printers hate me, I’m not trying to sort this out, I know full well if I get more ink something else will just fuck up. I’ll go to a printing shop some time, assuming those are still a thing.

Last weekend I started on an embroidery idea I’ve been meaning to get cracking on for a long time. I stitched a woman wearing a strap-on, in crewel work wools on a scrap of creamy-coloured fabric. I think it was pretty successful! Now I think I’d like to get some abstract blocks of shade in underneath the outline, so once I find a new subject image I’ll give that a go.


And this week I’m going to the Art Macabre Death Drawing Halloween special. Should be awesome! I’ve bought a new sketchbook in anticipation – an A3 300gsm pad, which I consider to be quite a serious choice for both size and paper weight. I’m hoping to get some good drawings in with ink and other wet media and then embroider into them later.

Baby shoes

Shoes are finished :) Three cute pairs ready to start my Etsy shop. Not sure how long that’s going to take to set up so I probably won’t be doing that today, plus I’d like to make some cushions to go on there first too. But maybe next weekend.

IMG_2586 IMG_2585 IMG_2584 IMG_2587

For now I’m just going to nurse my hangover from a surprisingly heavy friday night and look at some nice things:

Like Mr Printables’ super cute halloween ghost boxes, and Decopeques‘ fun home interiors for kids (and other cheerful people).

Ghost Boxes for Halloween Treats - with DIY Wax Papers

Alexandra Palace: Knitting and Stitching

My favourite time of the year! Fuck Christmas.

Yesterday was for shopping, with my mum and her friend Jane. Was relatively well behaved on the finances, although I did have a few treats :) And got a couple of Christmas presents, including Latvian mittens that mum picked out, which she may get finished or still in kit form depending on my time management. Picked up some little skeins of wool for crewel embroidery, want to have a go at portraits of some kind, or something a bit random. Will be fun to play :)

And today I’ve been in the Upcycling Academy with the Craftivists. We’re collecting signatures on a giant embroidered petition, together with War on Want (look them up here) the campaign is raising awareness about sweatshop labour under the slogan Love Fashion Hate Sweatshops. I’ve met such brilliant people today! Sarah Corbett runs a brilliant collective here, doing some witty and inspiring work, so I’ll be happy as a clam back there tomorrow!

I signed my name, of course! But with time on my hands I think I might have gone overboard on the embellishing.



Life drawing

I went to a brilliant life drawing class this week. Thoroughly enjoyed myself! I felt quite pampered actually, quite self indulgent – working on something just because I was into it and not for any larger purpose or anyone else. Should probably do pointless things more often!

Go to . £7 for a drop in class right behind Angel station is blinding value, if you ask me. And they’re on 4 days a week.



Royal School of Needlework wishlist

Dear Santa,

It’s only October 2nd, but there is a Christmas tree in my office today and I definitely heard Mariah’s dulcet tones earlier on, so I figure the deluge has started.

I would REALLY like to go the RSN again next year because it was so fricking awesome last time around, and seeing as there’s no way I can afford to do the certificate any time soon (I have done the maths, it did not look good) this would be a very welcome compromise.

In order of preference, I fancy:

1. Progressing with Jacobean Crewelwork. (Could maybe progress from Bird to Tree, or even Lion.)

2. Goldwork Squirrel. (Who wouldn’t want a gold squirrel?)

3. Beginners Silk Shading series. (Because once I’ve learnt to flowers I can ditch that and do rude things instead!)

Or all of them would be fine too.

Thank you muchly,



PS. I have finished the bird now and will take a better photo when it’s mounted etc, but even the WIP shots make me happy :)


Unfinished scarf


Just unearthed this sad forgotten thing. It’s a very thin scarf. Do I carry on and finish it? I’m enjoying the burgundy thing, will definitely be wearing a lot of that in the coming months, but when the bloody hell do you wear a thin scarf?! Plus, I feel like wearing small things just makes the wearer look bigger. Nothing makes me feel fatter than a tiny handbag.

Maybe I’ll just put this back in the box.



I have been to the Kensington Olympia, to an ethical fabrics trade fair which I’d signed up for a few weeks back in the professional capacity of my day job. I’d taken the morning out of the office. I’d put the autoreply on my emails. I even had my best notebook, which somewhat undermines my professional capacity by having a patchwork cover that my mum made, but nonetheless…

I was heavily disappointed. The sustainability contingent was one stand. I’d picked up a coffee, crossed town and was sat at my desk by 10.30. Bummer.

As nice as it was to meet the good people of the Future Fabrics Expo and have a grope of their fabric samples, I can’t say I got a lot out of it. But all that extra journey time meant that I did get on with some crochet and I’m closer to getting a couple of variations on Tulip’s baby shoes finished up and ready to sell. Shoeboxes are in the pipeline too – in recycled brown board (hopefully) like a real shoebox.


Hello again

I fancy a fresh start and a new verbal outlet, perhaps it’s the onslaught of ‘back to school’ paraphernalia. So after a long hiatus I’m re-launching this blog; not as a just platform for patterns this time but as a general journal on life and crafts.


And I’ve high hopes in other areas too – I’m trying to scrape together some things to make an Etsy shop. The theory being that whenever I make a gift, or anything at all really, I’ll make extras in one big batch and see if I can shift a few. If nothing else I’ll learn whether or not my friends are just being nice when they say ‘ohh, that’s so cute, you should sell those – I’d buy one!’. I suspect they are just polite.


Other ways in which I’m utilising The Interweb at the present time include Instagram and Pintrest. Find me on both and follow me!


Thank you.