Unfinished scarf

Just unearthed this sad forgotten thing. It’s a very thin scarf. Do I carry on and finish it? I’m enjoying the burgundy thing, will definitely be wearing a lot of that in the coming months, but when the bloody hell do you wear a thin scarf?! Plus, I feel like wearing small things just makes the … Continue reading Unfinished scarf


I have been to the Kensington Olympia, to an ethical fabrics trade fair which I’d signed up for a few weeks back in the professional capacity of my day job. I’d taken the morning out of the office. I’d put the autoreply on my emails. I even had my best notebook, which somewhat undermines my professional … Continue reading Today:

Hello again

I fancy a fresh start and a new verbal outlet, perhaps it’s the onslaught of ‘back to school’ paraphernalia. So after a long hiatus I’m re-launching this blog; not as a just platform for patterns this time but as a general journal on life and crafts.   And I’ve high hopes in other areas too … Continue reading Hello again

New year, new idea.

I decided that the blog needed a fresh approach. Just adding patterns was slow and getting tedious. Plus the one skein pattern is only one string of my burgeoning bow! I have other projects, I do other things! And, like the typical only child that I am, I want attention for them :) So here … Continue reading New year, new idea.


The best made plans of mice and men, and knitters apparently, often go awry.  I wanted to have the elf published on Tuesday; but it’s Friday evening and I’ve just put him up. But I’ve been busy, really I have! I’ve moved house for a start, to a place with no internet access, and I’ve … Continue reading Excuses…

Christmas spirit ;)

Festivities are upon us! Sort of. Well, for knitters they are, we need a bit of preparation time. I hope you’re all well into your holiday projects by now, fair isle reindeer jumpers don’t just knit themselves you know. And I hope you have time to squeeze a few little tree ornaments into your hectic … Continue reading Christmas spirit ;)

Teeny weeny purse

Elephants’ breath is a little purse made from a scrap of silk. Buying the frame adds a little to the cost here, but it’s still a great way to use up oddments of yarn. You can easily play around with the size depending on the frame you can get hold of or the yarn you have in mind. This … Continue reading Teeny weeny purse