Cushion front compete :)

The front of my striped, cable cushion is done! This took almost a whole ball in each colour of Cygnet ‘Seriously Chunky’, so in total that’s nearly 400g to fit a 55cm square cushion pad. Can’t start on the back though because I haven’t got any more yarn but eventually it’ll be in cream with an overlap opening.

In fact, I’m going to make a full cover for this chair mostly in cream. This cushion was sort of a trial of the yarn before I go ahead and buy 40 balls of the stuff. (That’s why I’ve gone for 100% acrylic here – this was more about quantity than quality – but actually it’s not so offensive as I’d expected!)

Still don’t have a moving date for my flat. It’s annoying more than anything else, just waiting for other people to do whatever it is they do. Making homely things is simultaneously keeping me busy and making me impatient!

New home cushion cover

The potential new home is getting closer :) I don’t have a date for exchange, but I’ve started making cushions anyway. This is a test of the yarn really, which is just super cheap acrylic at £2 a ball, aim is to make a cover for an ikea armchair.

(As I’m TEMPORARILY living with my mother I am TEMPORARILY a cat lady. Miffy has been my lovely assistant for the evening…)