Stuff to do and a desk to do it at.

My table is clear and usable for the first time in MONTHS! I am sitting at my computer like a civilised human, not scrunched over it on my lap like the last picture in a comedy ‘evolution of man’ illustration. Lucy moved in with me nearly a month ago :D and although the co-habiting is lovely, my tiny flat has had an onslaught of possessions that has been tricky to work through. But last night the in-laws came for a celebratory housewarming paella so we really had to get a grip and make the place nice. The evening was lovely and they brought us many delightful gifts (including a drill set which we are crazy excited about) but the best part for me is probably the re-discovery of my dining table and today’s prospect of a whole day to work at it! I am starting with a breakfast of some toast made from the roasted garlic loaf I made yesterday and writing this little update. breakfast I’m keen to get the sewing machine out and make more cushions. I have a heap of unloved knitwear brought home from work. I have sold some cushions from the Etsy shop! Admittedly, only to my adorable friend Pete, but a sale is a sale. Plus I’ve had some interest from my Lucy’s parents who would consider selling some in their fancy interiors store, so I should really up my game for them and make a few with proper labels and fastenings. I’m thinking it would be good to embroider labels with ‘Milkbottle’ and some fabric/care info, I just need to find the best way to do that quickly and simply. Embroidery-wise I’m pushing to get this guy finished: art macabre cross stitch The cross-stitch of Raven Rouge at the Art Macabre death drawing session from ages ago. The lovely lady who is the subject of this picture has shown an interest in having it when it’s done, so that’s giving me the incentive I needed to actually crack on! I’d also like to get the girls-in-knickers embroideries framed up today. I’ve acquired two vintage hoops (thanks to a recent bout of ebay addiction) which I think will be perfect. I’ll put these up for sale too, although I’ve no idea how much for yet. girls in knickers embroideries And I signed up for the certificate course at the Royal School of Needlework! I’m so excited. I’ll be starting Jacobean Crewelwork at the end of June. Going to have a nice day out to Hatfield House to get some Jacobean inspiration. The assessment criteria are pretty strict on this module, holding me very close to a traditional tree of life design. No room for naughtiness. Not that Jacobean is the most inspiring medium for subversive subject matter. It’s the silk shading module that is most tempting – I desperately want to stitch pubic hair while everyone else is doing kittens and pansies. Lucy’s Christmas jumper is coming on nicely: I’m up to the fair-isle section on the front now. Those two massive balls of yarn which I got at Ally Pally last year are stretching really far. Once I’ve finished both the body panels I’ll weigh the green again and split what’s left into two balls, and that will pretty much dictate the design of the sleeve. Lots of green will mean the possibility of more detailed fair isle and a shorter white section at the top, only a little will mean a short green cuff with a simple design to transfer to the white. It’s fun to make this up as I go along! Just need to make sure that the angle at the top of the sleeve runs smoothly into the shoulder and we’ll be golden :) fair isle knitted jumper And just for a little dose of cuteness I’ve been making these baby socks too: cable baby socks Sometime I feel super frustrated with myself for mot getting much done, but actually when I look at things laid out like this I am pretty happy with what I manage to do. If only I didn’t have to go to work!

Upcycled cushions

My Etsy shop is growing! Very slowly. It takes me hours to put items up there! Is that normal or am I fannying about? Dallying with photos and rephrasing tiny pieces of text probably.

But it is fun :) And I have sold a cushion! Plus two out of the three pairs of baby shoes have gone. I’m working on some more embroideries to sell, I’ve bought some more brass frames and some vintage hoops too. Hopefully I can push the more racy subject matter on the next ones! Is it wrong to sell baby gifts and mildly pornographic images in the same shop? I suppose it’s fine, it’s not like children will actually be shopping there, and I don’t really like easily offended grown-ups anyway.

These cushions are made from samples which I’ve salvaged from work. We have so many beautiful garments which have to be cut up, disected or damaged, as a necessary part of the product development process. So to save the best quality knits from the scraps bin I have been upcycling them into cushion covers and they are looking quite nice!

The cushion pads are all brand new, either feather from John Lewis or polyester from Ikea. Frankly these are a total bargain! Where else do you think you’ll get a cashmere cushion for nineteen quid?!


Now on Etsy! :D

I’ve achieved my New Years’ resolution and taken my biz to Etsy. Have made a shop and put 3 pairs of baby shoes up there. It’s a bit of a learning curve, I don’t even think I expect to sell them but at least it’s a start! They are super cute, and make lovely presents, but’s so hard to decide on a reasonable price for things. Nonetheless, they’re up there, £20 a pair, and we’ll see what happens!

Take a look.





Soon I’d like to put some cushions on too. I’ve been salvaging cut up samples from work to recycle into knitted cushion covers, which are looking pretty nice! Although some do need buttons put on to stop them opening up.

Might end up being a very random shop, I guess that should be a concern too, but I’m kinda interested to just put a whole heap of different things out there and see what floats. I don’t suppose I can retire on the proceeds of my crafting prowess, but it’s worth a bash.

Pink Hair, Red Knickers embroidery


I’m pleased with how this turned out :) I traced out the basics of a photo onto graph paper and added the block colour. I started out following it literally as a chart in a normal scale cross stitch, but it just looked terrible, far too tiny. So I started over, with bigger crosses and following the chart as a guideline. Left the pants until last, that was a bit of rookie error, didn’t have a clue how to stitch them. Ended up with half size crosses, which were a right pain but I’m pleased with the effect. It’s not easy to stitch on top of a regular cross though, as and when I start the next one I’ll try to leave a space. I’m also a little disappointed with the hands, the mitten hand leaves a lot to the imagination and the other side has a very lumpy finger – will crack it next time.

So I want to take this and make prints, although I’m not really sure how to go about that. Scanning it was not a sucess. Maybe the best way is to take a photo and retouch it in photoshop if needs be? I’d also like to do others in the same style but various colourways, I have the same fabric in blue and mint so they’d be a nice starting point. Just need to look through some more pictures of scantily clad girls. Tough life.